Every day, not just dreams, but also human beings collapse on the rocks of the « fortress » called Europe. Motivated by the despair caused by unemployment, lack of educational opportunities, conflict and injustice, they dream of Europe as « heaven » where their problems will be solved. Once arrived, they quickly learn that Europe is not that « paradise » they dreamed of before: Living in Europe as an illegal immigrant means that you do no longer have any human rights. Living in Europe as a refugee is no less difficult. Refugees are often victims of racism. They must be afraid of being deported anytime, treated like a criminal.

It is time that the system changes. Each individual needs the right to live where he or she prefers and not to be tortured and injured by the police, or to be insulted and humiliated by public authorities.

The young german photographer (www.realvisionphotos.com) and roofer Ben Lützig committed himself to those who do not have the right to express themselves. Since July 8, 2012, he is hiking the 2700km between Gerolstein (Germany) Tarifa (Spain). Alone. Equipped with a single backpack containing a tent, he walks towards those thousands of people who risk their lives in order to achieve their vision of a better life in Europe. Motivated by the belief that  it does no require much to do something good, Ben Lützig is on his way to Tarifa. His intention is the collection of financial donations to support several projects that are committed to equality and justice for all people of the world.

One of the projects selected by Ben Lützig is the support of GNG Senegal.

You can follow the blog. (http://www.wanderung-fuer-menschen.de/) You can also support Ben and his intention in making a donation on the website. The money will be directly and 100% given to the projects of GNG Senegal.

Their current project is the support of a small hospital in the village of Kounoune in the region Rufisque (Senegal). Trying to improve the lives of people Kounoune, GNG Senegal spreads the idea that people are able to commit themselves to their families and neighbors. The purpose of the GNG is to destroy the false images of Europe that exist in Africa so that the people no longer risk their life for a life in Europe which might be even worse than theirs at home.

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